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Welcome to the Kern County Regional Science Fair Registration System!

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  • You must be a Kern County student in grades 4 through 12.
  • Your project must be selected by your school or school district.
  • Team projects are allowed, in grades 6-12, but a team size cannot exceed three students. For team projects, each member of the team must register separately
  •  Only one project may be submitted by a student or a team. Prior year's projects are not eligible for submission unless the project is part of a longitudinal study.
  • There is an entry fee of $15.00 per student. For team projects, each member of the team pays the entry fee. Please note that it is not the intent of the Kern County Science Foundation to eliminate any student from competition because of an inability to pay. In such cases, please contact the Kern County Science Foundation at (661) 636-4640.  Each student is responsible for the entry fee. However, some schools may pay fees for all students.  Make checks payable to the Kern County Science Foundation.
  • The quality of the project must be acceptable for entry in the Kern County Regional Science Fair. This means that the project should: a. Exhibit the scientific method. It must ask a question, suggest an answer, and then see if the answer is correct by performing one or more experiments and analyzing the experimental results. Projects which only are collections, demonstrations of scientific principles, or summaries of scientific literature are unlikely to do well unless they are used as part of a scientific investigation. b. Show a level of knowledge that is appropriate to the student's grade level but beyond what is normally found in middle school or high school textbooks. 
  • Applications may be rejected for not following one or more of the above rules.
  • The Science Review Committee will place each project in its appropriate category.  The committee decisions are final.
  • Rule book 4-5
  • Rule book 6-12
  • Intent to Participate
  • Form 1 - Student/Parent Signature
  • Form 3 - Risk Assessment
  • Project Materials Guidelines

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